MP-260 【Master2 Smart Host】

MP-260 【Master2 Smart Host】

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◆ characteristics

:: The Ethernet control system consists of integrated master control and master control, with a distance of up to 10 km between controllers if connected to the optical transceiver.

Integrated master control to achieve online, offline programs, support time control, locking, GPS synchronization, cloud platform remote control and other functions.

◆MP Series General Control

01 Gigabit Ethernet communication, support access switch, optical transceiver.

02 Offline: Read U disk effect, auto update effect and engineering parameter setting.

03 Rich peripheral interface, support network port, HDMI、WiFi、USB connection.

04GPS: can be connected to GPS satellite synchronizer to realize the lighting effect synchronization and linkage between the general control.

Other functions: time control, voice control, voice control, lock/unlock, etc.

Cloud control: visitors can scan the QR code to log in to the cloud server to achieve remote control of a single or multiple master control, including effect updates.

Integrated resistor touch screen, can adjust the effect, speed, brightness and so on intuitively.

08 Online: external LCD and mouse, no need to match the computer host.

Software smart settings DMX512 lamp address.

◆ double insurance scheme

System: master control optional MP-200/MP-260/PC/MP-300/ collocation SN500, master control optional EN-508/EN-408

SN-500 automatically read the SD card when the MP200 or PC is not powered on or malfunctioned

:: When used offline, the SD card fails to connect MP-200/MP-260/PC/MP-300/ host to continue using

◆ Synchronous Linkage Scheme

System: master control MP-200/MP-260/PC/MP-300/, master EN-508/EN-408

General control through the external GPS of satellite synchronizer to achieve the building group lighting effect synchronization and linkage

◆ cloud platform remote scheme

System: master control MP-200/MP-300, master EN-508

After the master control network, visitors can scan the QR code to log into the cloud server to control a single or multiple master control, including effects update, mode switching, speed adjustment and brightness adjustment and other functions

◆WiFi Time Control Programme

System: master control MP-200/SN-500, master EN-508/EN-408

When the user opens the WiFi of the APP, connection master control, he can control the effect, speed, brightness and so on through the APP, and also support the setting of the time control list, and can choose the APP time control list or the SD card with the list